The Great Consumer Rip Off on 22LR Ammo

I’m waiting to hear from the manufacturers of 22LR, Remington, Federal and Winchester to find out why they are selling ammo to wholesale distributors like CDNN Sports who are marking up the price two or three times as is Big 5 Sports, a retail outlet, the normal selling price just so they can fill their pockets with our hard earned cash. Just look at the prices they are selling 22LR for, it’s a rip off. Why isn’t this ammo going to dealers that just use the normal markup and the ma and pa stores that would like to have some of this ammo to sell to you. Make your voice heard so the manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets treat us fairly and use their normal markup.

22LR update 6/24/14

The price some companies ( CDNN Wholesale & Big 5 Sports)are charging for 22LR is outrageous and is price gouging the general public. In reference to this I communicated with all of the three major manufacturers, Winchester, Remington and Federal.  

In discussion with the companies, they expressed concern as to what is happening and will be watching some of these companies to see if it continues. They also explained they cannot control pricing, but they have the ability to reduce the amount of product these companies can get. Some of these dealers are part of large buying groups, and there is no way they can track where the ammo ends up in some cases. Some of these companies ran out of product on a Tuesday and then had it back in stock on a Friday.   As an example, Remington 22LR 36 gr HP, with a case containing four tubs of 1400 rounds. CDNN was selling it for $130.00 a tub which is way over the normal retail price.

One thing we can do to deal with these price gougers, is to not purchase any products from them. When we buy this overpriced ammo, we are just encouraging them to continue their price gouging. When they see they are losing business, they will discontinue their practices. Part of the solution is up to you.  See advertisment below.


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