The Best AR Accessory Out There

The Best AR Accessory Out There


Just about everyone I know who has an AR has an optical device for the rifle, most often a scope of varying power. The general problem is that the rear bell of the scope ends up right over the charging handle on top of the action on 99% of the AR rifles. That makes it almost impossible to grab the handle with your hand or an outside little finger of the right hand. That problem has now be solved by the ADVANCED TACTICAL CHARGING HANDLE made by the Beatenzone Manufacturing Co in Phoenix, AZ,


As you can see from the photo, they have designed and built a unique charging handle that solves the problem. It’s made from 4130 Chromoly steel and 6061 Extruded Aluminum and is Hard Coat Anodized with a Black Oxide Finish. The swing out lever is easy to get to and opens with ease to allow easy charging of the chamber. The lever will lock down when not in use. They are also made in an OD Green and Flat Dark Earth color to match your AR. As a matter of fact, their charging handle is so nice to work with I’ve put them on all my AR’s.



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