Merlin by Promatic Traps




When you hear the name Merlin, most people would think of the wizard from the times of King Arthur and the kingdom of Camelot. But the Merlin I’m talking about is able to throw clay targets through the air with grace and ease, and make them do strange things at times. All the more difficult to hit and break with your shot string.

Having used Promatic traps for over 20 years, I’ve come to depend and rely on them without any problems. With the Promatic Super six’s I used and the teal, chandelle and rabbit thrower I have, the only problem I had was when I had to replace a fuse that I blew while trying to use one battery to operate two traps. I greased them every few years via the grease automotive fittings and after pulling them on my trailer over dusty and dirty roads all those years they stopped working once. At first I couldn’t figure it out until I looked under the machine an saw all the dust and dirt that was clinging on the chain below the throwing plate. It had built up so much, it just clogged the system and shut it down. It took a power washer a few minutes to clean each super six and then I re-lubed the chain and they were running as they normally would. That’s the extent of the maintenance on all my Promatic trap machines for over 20 years. That’s pretty hard to beat. It’s that kind of reliability that has made Promatic Traps the number one selling trap line in the states. They do need some tender loving care from time to time as I found out on the dust and dirt build up on the chain.

Those Super six’s traps were mounted to two long pieces of angle iron that ran across the width of the trailer and were held in place with clevis pins to the trailer railing. That was so the traps could be taken off the trailer and placed somewhere on the ground as needed. The teal/chandelle machine was really too heavy to move around so it was mounted to the trailer as well and never removed.

Merlin Trap

Merlin Trap

Since I run a shooting school I don’t need a trap machine that holds 300 or 400 targets; a 150 or 200 targets per machine are more than enough. The new line of Merlin traps are perfect for small clubs, or a group of shooters who like to practice on their own. When the new line came out, I put my Super six’s up for sale and a rancher over in Wyoming bought them in a couple of weeks, and the super six’s didn’t depreciate that much over all that time either.

So the first Merlin I ordered was the wobble model trap at $2395.00. It made the most sense since it could be used in the wobble mode in conjunction with the teal/chandelle trap or as a standard as the requirement dictated for the students. What’s really nice about the Merlin’s is that they come on a small wheeled trailer just like the pro machines with a plate to hold the battery as well. So now the Merlin’s will be tied down to the rear of the trailer so they can be released quickly and rolled out into the chosen shooting field. The Merlin’s hold 150 targets and will throw them for more than 70 yards. The maximum elevation the trap can throw targets is up to 50 degrees. The standard machine retails for $1895.00. The Merlin’s make a nice working pair together or with the teal/chandelle trap. With the wheeled trap machines it’s easy to make slight changes with them in seconds to make the targets easier or harder depending on the student requirements. If you’re looking for some traps for your school or just for yourself to practice, you couldn’t find a better line of traps for your dollar.


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