McFee….. A Fast Way To Camo A New AR Rifle


ARMSCOR_USA_Registered PNGA Fast way to Camo a Firearm

 Earlier this year, I won a new AR rifle at a Shot Show party at the end of the day. It was a complete upper in black  with a stainless steel barrel by Sharp’s Rifle Co., in Wyoming. It was in their own developed cartridge, a 25/45 Sharps which has a 87gr bullet at 3000 FPS in what is a neck expanded .233 case. It took forever to get the gun, and I ended up getting the upper with the Lucid scope I also won mounted and bore sighted in, and it was really off, so I still had to zero it in. In Idaho the wind always seems to be blowing, so I had a hard time trying to get it sighted in properly. And I had no time to get it done in a ATACS camo. I had one AR I was going to let my friend use in a 6.8 caliber and I was going to shoot the 25/45.

Black 25/45 with McNett Tape over forend and scope

Black 25/45 with McNett Tape over forend and scope

My Friend had a Tri Color Camo outfit from the Air Force and I used my Desert Digital  outfit which our guide said we were in the perfect outfits for where we were going to be hunting. Don’s gun I was letting him use  was in an ATACS camo done by TRAJAC who does all of DPMS, Remington’s, and Bushmasters camo work. I had a lower I was going to use that was camoed by Dura Coat in a sort of Desert Digital in a grey tone, by there was a lot of black I had to get rid of. McNett camo tape to the rescue. As you can see the Desert Digital covered a lot of the black on the scope, magazine and hand guard, and it only took a few minutes. It stayed there never giving me a problem. As a matter of fact it’s still on the gun. The ammo we used was Silver State Armory 110 gr. 6.8 SPC. The animals were dead before they hit the ground.

I’ve hunted antelope in NM and my closest shot was 250 yards and my farthest was 460 yards, so when our guide Kelly got us to about a 150 yards for Don to take the first antelope, I was amazed. I didn’t have my gun with me as I was taking pictures of Don and Kelly going after the first antelope. All of a sudden, Kelly said there was another antelope further to the south at about 150 yards as well. I was surprised and caught off guard and couldn’t make up my mind as to what to do. Finally I said, OK, give me the gun. In a few seconds I had my antelope. Kelly started smiling and let off a little laugh. Then he told us he thought we had set some kind of record, at least in eastern Wyoming. He never heard of two guys taking two antelope in two minutes with the same gun before. And that was part of the problem in making up my mind to take the antelope. I never had a chance to shoot my new gun, but I also knew some real bad weather was coming in and could hit us tomorrow or the next day, so I took my shot. As it turned out, the next day was perfect, so we went to Moorecroft, WY and shot some fun sporting clays. So if your ever looking for a good guide for antelope hunting in Wyoming, contact Kelly at Cole Creek Outfitters in Evansville, WY near Casper. You’ll have fun and a good hunt.


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