From Austria With Love…. The ISSC MK22 22LR AR Style Rifle



promatic-logo[1]From Austria With Love…. The ISSC MK22 22LR  AR Style Rifle   MK22

When people think of Austria, they envision castles, grand palaces, great skiing, great mountains and epicurean food, but they have been making great firearms prior to 1558. Only one company has been making firearms longer and it is in Italy.

The MK22 looks very much like the FN SCAR or the Bushmasters ACR. The model I received was a flat dark earth color with a folding stock with an adjustable length. The gun comes with pop up plastic and adjustable sights much like the Mag Pul which you have to mount. The sights were nice but you don’t want any bright lights behind you if your shooting indoors. The front post  sight is made of metal, but the sight adjustment tool is made of plastic. It didn’t take long before one of the little plastic bottom posts broke off, but the tool still functioned and was able to make further adjustments. A glass filled plastic, or better yet a metal adjustment tool would be better. You had to assemble the butt stock to the barrel and receiver section which was fast and easy by driving a large pin into the hinge section of the two parts. The two parts locked together easily and were easy to fold back for the pistol mode. The gun handled well as a pistol or a rifle with a red dot sight  as well.

I loaded some rounds into the easy to load magazines which are different from any other magazine for a 22 LR AR lower. They happened to be PMC 22 LR with a heavy lube on them. I slammed the magazine into the rifle with the action open and let the slide slam forward and it failed to pick up the round. I tried it a few more times and finally got it to feed properly, but it didn’t seem to like the ammo.  That ammo didn’t seem to feed well. So I went to Federal and CCI ammo and everything worked fine, no more feed   or pick-up problems.

With a 4X scope at 25 yards the group was smaller than a dime, with the supplied sights the group was a little larger, but that was do more to the shooter than the gun. It was a tack driver. The trigger had a lot of travel, but felt light up to the release which enabled the accurate shooting. What’s really nice about the gun is that it has Picatinny rail on all four sides of the gun, so you can customize it just about for anything you want to do. I know one of our clubs has a 22 LR caliber steel plate challenge and it could also do well in a three gun competition as well in the same caliber. If you want to get rid of some nasty little critters even out to 100 yards this baby will do it with ease. It’s a fun gun to shoot for youngsters or adults. I liked shooting it with a scope or red dot sight better as it was a little hard for me to get down easily on the stock to use the supplied metallic sights.


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