Do All Outdoors Does It Again, Even Better






Shooting sporting clays is a great fun game, but lugging all the ammo and other gear can make you tired before your finished with the course. Gun carts have been around since the 90’s, as a matter of fact I converted a golf cart to a gun cart in about thirty to forty-five minutes using a company’s gun holding components back then, and they then got into the cart market. Do All Outdoors, just recently came out with their new version of their gun cart and have a winner in many ways.


No more fixing of flats, or having a flat during a competition. They have gone to a solid rubber tire that still gives you a smooth ride and eliminates a real problem. And by pushing a wire bridge at the end of the axle, the main wheels come off very easily. To fold up the cart, you just pull on the two handles below the push handle bar, and it folds up easily and fast. It’ll fit into the trunk of a small car easily. When pushing the cart, to engage the brake, just put your foot down on the horizontal bar between the wheels, and you’ll lock the unit up safely. To remove the brake, just put your toe under the bar and lift. They have a much longer wheel base which means more stability of the cart while moving or locked in place.

This new model come in a Safety Orange color which will grab your attention and looks good. It’s a two gun model which is light weight, has a sure grip handle/push bar, two beverage containers and shell pockets and a large empty hull pouch on the rear. This unit is a real winner with improvements that others are still thinking about, and it’s reasonably priced.

The Latest Cart

The Latest Cart


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