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Guns, Gear and Game is a site where you can find great destinations to hunt around the world, be it upland bird hunting, dangerous game, big game, varmint and predator hunting or for waterfowl. Where you can find out about some of the newest and best guns and gear available in the United States in hard goods and clothing. We’ll help you find some of the best gear available to make your hunt more successful.  Also find out what other people are doing to be successful in their hunting endeavors. Find great recipes for your favorite game and much more. You’ll find informative great reviews on lots of gear that’ll be important in your successful hunting endeavors.

We aren’t obliged to any manufacturers that we write about, so we tell it like it is. The advertisers on this site are manufacturers whose ammo, firearms and other gear we’ve actually tested and feel they are a cut above the others in their part of the industry. And that’s why we have them as advertisers and you can feel comfortable in buying and using their products or visiting the destinations we’ve written about. We hope you’ll have as much fun as we did at the various destinations written about, and that those great memories will last you forever.

No matter where we go on this planet, we hope to encourage you to get out there and have some fun hunting yourselves and bring back those endless memories of great hunts.

Jerry Sinkovec

Publisher/Editor                  The Destination of 2014 is The Fork in South Carolina200px-Saint_eustace[1]

A Great Day in Mexico Hunting Elegante Quail


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