A New News Update 6/12/2014


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A New News Update 6/12/2014

Make Sure You Read The Great Consumer Rip Off ON 22LR Ammo

BSA scopes has sent me several of their newest scopes for the 223/5.56 with an additional turret for the .300 AAC Blackout. Each turret has three different bullet weights etched into the dial. These are some nice packages. They have also sent me another .223/5.56 scope with three different dials, one for the .50 gr. bullet, one for the 55 gr. bullet and one for the 62 gr. bullet. Let’s hope they make some turrets for the 6.8SPC in 90, 110, 115 and 120 grain bullets. They also sent me two other 22 LR scopes, a 3 x 9 40mm and a 6 x 18 40mm scope. Each has three etched dials, 36 gr. HP gr, 38 gr. HP and a 40 gr. RN bullets. It ‘s a much better system of dialing in the correct distance than the huge and dark donut Nikon uses. I like the thin line ticks for the different distances and you have better vision of the target with that style of scope than the big dark donuts Nikon uses.

BSA has done their homework and done a nice job of bringing out a series of scope for some of the more popular calibers.. They also have a model for the .243, .270 and the 30.06 as well and has the different dials for the different calibers for three different bullet weights. I’d like to see them do the same thing for the .308 Win and the 300 Win Mag. I’ll be reviewing those scopes in the near future along with a couple Leupold CDS scopes I’ll be using on some Remington and Savage bolt action heavy barrel guns in the .308 and the 300 Win Mag. I’ll be testing those calibers out to a thousand yards and beyond.

More to come.




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